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TENS Unit and Its Role in Pain Relief

Since past, electrotherapy was applied to alleviate pain. In the earliest form, a live electric fish was applied into the affected region to cause numbness. However, once electro-static electricity could well be produced with the help of frictional machines, the previous method was discontinued. Since the discovery of electrotherapy and also its use in pain remedy, advanced methods seem to have been developed, one of these tasks is a TENS machine.

What is TENS? Machine

TENS machine or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators delivers electric stimuli free someone from pain. Remember this is a portable device and about the size of a packet of cigarettes. Users can adjust intensity of stimulation. The repetitiveness of stimulation can be adjusted. TENS electrodes can easily be placed in various methods. Users should try placing them during the painful area, throughout the painful area as well as the nerve causing the affected area. When should TENS be taken?

IT employed as a treatment for great diversity of pain. Acute pain (pain after surgery) and also long-term pain (stemming from arthritis) can easily be treated with TENS. Cancer pain can be reduced by using TENS. A TENS unit can be utilised for lower back pain, myofascial pain, bladder incontinence and visceral pain. How could it work?

It sends electric stimuli through electrodes (self-adhesive pads) placed upon skin. The signals return the nerves right below the skin. A BBC article states which a TENS unit is believed to function in two ways. On higher frequencies, the TENS unit stimulates 'non-pain' nerves to allocate signals to the brain which block pain signals carried to it by other nerves. On lower frequencies, TENS units stimulate production of endorphins which are pain-relieving hormones created by our body.

The tens device can be used for the duration of 15-20 minutes in the moorning and at night.

High frequency on an TENS unit can easily be tolerated by patients for up to hours still the pain remedy exists for a short period. As opposed, low-frequency stimulation might feel uncomfortable and may even be tolerated for less than 20-30 minutes however the pain remedy will last longer. TENS units is truly a drug free treatment for pain-relief. This is not addictive and also has few side-effects. It truly is suited to all. However, the listed people should not use TENS treatment: • Epileptics

• Individuals with pacemakers or heart disease

• Those with pain from unknown causes

• Women who are pregnant without treatment being supervised

It is important that electrodes are placed correctly. Should it be put on wrong location, this pain can get worse. Tend not to place it nearby the eyes. The TENS unit also needs to isn't to be place on nerves coming from the neck into the throat or brain. Alternative medicines are better then conventional medicines mainly because they do not have any unwanted side effects, rejuvenation therapy and electrotherapy are widely adopted and well known alternative techniques for pain relief.

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